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How to Mow a Lawn Professionally

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How to Mow a Lawn Professionally

Have you ever feel envy when you see your neighbor’s lawn? Having a house with a beautiful garden is everyone’s dream. Of course, you can also have a great park if you keep your garden healthy and mowing it correctly. Mowing is a way to promote growth and keep your yard looking great. Poor mowing practices cause some of the lawn problems. So, you must be a professional for your garden to achieve a beautiful park.

How to mow a lawn professionally?

It’s important to know how to mow a lawn professionally to get perfectly groomed lawn as you desire. If you want to be a professional, follow these simple tips and tricks to get it right:

1. How Often to Mow and How Long to Cut?

There is no exact time for mowing the lawn, but your garden need to harvest at least once a week during late spring and early summer and the best time to collect is in the early evening. How often you need to mow your lawn is depending on how much you fertilize and how often you water your lawn. Generally, people will cut the grass when it grows higher than usually. So, if you usually cut the grass to 3 inches tall, you’ll need to mow when the grass is about 4 inches high.

Some people also mow the lawn too short because they won’t have to mow it as often. But do you know that harvesting too short can affect the health of root, it will have less shade to protect the roots, and the sun may scorch it yellow? To keep your lawn healthy, don’t cut the grass more than one-third of height at each mowing.
Set your mower at highest preferred setting and cut the grass only one-third of the grass blades at any one time. Don’t cut too short too fast, even if this means you’ll need to cut again in several days. Because cutting too aggressively can make the plant stems stress and it’s also make your lawn more prone to weeds.

2. Safety Tips

Stay safety is a must! Operating a lawn mower require preparation and careful consideration to keep yourself safety. You don’t want to go out to mow and end up in the emergency room, right? So, here we recommend you read these safety tips below before you are going to mow your lawn.

  • It’s important to know your equipment before you start to use it, read the owner’s manual. I know it will make you bore, but it’s necessary to understand how it works.
  • Check the lawn for rocks or other debris before you mow, walk around and pick up the stones or other debris that may be jammed in your best battery powered lawn mower.
  • Wear the right clothing when mowing the lawn including heavy shoes and long pants. Don’t wear loose clothing and any jewelry if you don’t want they cached on the mowing equipment.
  • Be careful when fueling. Stop and let the mower cool for at least 10 minutes and take it to another place nearby, to prevent oil spills on your lawn. Avoid spills by using a gas can with an adequate pouring spout. In case you get it spill on your lawn, clean up immediately and put rag in a covered metal can.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the mower and always make sure that your mower only works under control.
  • Steeps carefully on slopes, it’s dangerous and scary because they can cause your mower flip over or go out of control. Follow the specific mower manufacturer’s instructions for mowing while on a slope. On gentle slopes, mow across the hill, not up and down. Use a walk behind mower.
  • Fend off pets and kids from the yard when you are mowing. This is obvious enough. Don’t let children operate your mower because they are not strong enough and not understand all the operating and safety features. Of course, you don’t want to have any distraction and anyone getting hurts because they were around you.

3. Leave Your Grass Clippings on Your Lawn

When mowing, don’t bag all the grass clippings. Allow some of them to stay on the lawn. Grass clippings works like a fertilizer and helps revitalize the soil. They break down quickly and return beneficial nutrients to the soil. Also, never mow wet grass. It makes your yard look uneven and cause fungus to develop.

4. Additional Tips

  • Take care of yourself! Remember always protecting yourself from the heat and keep hydrated on a sunny day.
  • Vary your mowing pattern, It’s necessary to change the direction every time you mow. If you always cut on the same direction, your grass will learn which direction it’s being cut from and begins to be poor in the direction you mow. By altering the course of cutting without fail, you will help avoid forming ruts in the lawn and lead the grass stand up nice and tall.
  • Make Sure You Use Blade Sharp, Keep sharpen your mower blade sharp. Don’t cut with a dull blade because it can increase the chances or diseases and pests due to ragged cuts. So, it’s necessary to sharpen your mower blade regularly.
  • Don’t Mow New Lawn, It’s better for wait 3-4 weeks to mow new grass. New grass seeds need more time to reached mowing height.
  • Watch Out for Those Trees, Mowers can cause severe damage to the trees and restrict their growth. To protect the tree, leave a ring of grassless soil no less than 3 feet wide around the storage compartment on the off chance that you have trees in your yard.

That’s all the tips and trick how to mow your lawn professionally. So, get out there and tackle that lawn.