7 Natural Remedies for Controlling Common Indoor Pests

In addition to making your home smell great, peppermint plants and peppermint oil naturally repel ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and even mice. Many homes are considering the long-term consequences of using chemical pest repellents and getting their hands on natural remedies for pest control. While there are laws to help protect consumers from the dangers of the commercial pest control industry, it's empowering to create your own natural pest control system so you know exactly what you're fumigating. The following seven natural remedies for pest control were investigated based on several factors. First, they had to have some proven characteristics to be effective against a specific group of pests.

Second, they needed to be safe for humans and pets and avoid ingredients that are common allergens. Finally, they had to be something that you probably already had in your house or that you could easily purchase. One of the most reputable natural repellent options for mice is the botanical rodent repellent. This spray is all natural and made with very few ingredients, including Douglas fir extract, so it should be safe for allergies in most homes. Effectiveness is difficult to determine from natural remedies for pest control, which is why scientific institutions are reluctant to recognize their benefits or effectiveness.

However, they last because they often work. While they may not always be 100% effective against all pests, natural remedies can be safely tried without introducing unnecessarily harmful chemicals into your home. What can't vinegar do? In addition to being an excellent cleaning agent, vinegar is effective in deterring many types of pests. Ants hate the smell of vinegar, and vinegar will eliminate the olfactory traces they leave in the house to navigate. You can also make traps for fruit flies and gnats with apple cider vinegar mixed with a few drops of dish soap.

Insects will be attracted to the smell of vinegar, but once they touch it, the soap will prevent them from escaping. Ladybugs, another common household pest, tend to gather in groups and can be combated with a soapy water spray. That said, natural pest control can be a great non-toxic solution for keeping your garden and home pest-free. With these seven natural remedies for controlling common indoor pests, you can keep your home free from unwanted visitors without having to resort to harsh chemicals.